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We are a year-round school, but their age will assess students at the September 1st cut off date to determine the program placement. Parents interested in enrolling their child may submit a completed application for admission. Enrollment is based on the results of the interview and evaluation. We do not discriminate based on religion, race, sex, or national origin. 


Year Round Tuition

Toddler 2 – 3 years                        $15,500
3.5 years- 5 years              $16,500
Elementary 6 years -12 years         $17,500

* Must apply to state scholarship first if your student is between ages 4 -12 years

before applying for ILIM Financial Aid*


Application Process




Schedule a tour or plan to attend an open house by going to our "Schedule Tours" Tab

Submit an application once your application is submitted you will receive notification to pay an application fee of $100 through Brightwheel



Once your application has been submitted, and the application fee paid, you will schedule a "Preview Day" on our website. Here is where our teachers can observe your child in the ILIM School environment



Once your application has been reviewed and accepted by our enrollment team, your child will move to an
"Enrolled observed" status. Meaning your child is accepted/ enrolled. All initial fees during this period are non-refundable. 

Ready to journey with Ilim?

Acceptance and enrollment


Step 1)  ANNUAL RESERVATION FEE: A $750 deposit toward the upcoming year’s annual tuition. The deposit is due when an enrollment contract is offered and deducted from the annual tuition amount.  It is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Step 2) ANNUAL CLASSROOM MATERIALS & FIELD-TRIP FEE: The $250 fee is used to purchase materials for the classrooms, play scope, and art studio. It is also used for the general maintenance of the center and local field trips. Rates are subject to change with each school year. This fee is due with your reservation deposit. It is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Step 3) NEW FAMILY FEE: A $350 (If applicable)  enrollment fee is paid one time per family and is for families who have not continuously enrolled in the school.  It covers the costs of preparing parents and children for enrollment (i.e., observations, evaluations, and the provision and processing of paperwork).  It is due (with the Reservation Fee) when an enrollment contract is offered. It is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Important Information

Scholarships & Financial Aid 

Are you excited about ILIM School but worried about meeting the tuition rate? We want to help! Our Financial Aid & Scholarship program helps eligible ILIM families bridge the gap between what they can afford and our regular tuition. If you qualify for our Financial Aid and Scholarship Program, your monthly tuition is reduced by financial aid or scholarship. Applying for financial aid is a quick process and worth exploring, even if you consider yourself a middle-class family.

•    We do not solely rely on income to determine financial aid eligibility. Financial aid takes many personal factors into account as well. Even if you earn a stable income, you may still qualify for financial assistance. For example, your chances for qualifying are improved if you are enrolling several children in the school, if you have other economic hardships, or if your child will contribute positively to our classroom communities (e.g., if your child is transferring with prior Montessori or language immersion experience ( in 1 of our target languages)). You will be able to explain your circumstances (beyond the financials) during the application process.
•    Our financial aid and scholarships can range from 5%-50% of tuition aid startin
g in our Primary class. Our financial assistance program is meant for families for whom attending ILIM is a stretch but can put forth at least 50% of the tuition. 

ACH Installment:  
This is the portion of tuition due on each payment date to fulfill the contracted amount.  Programs are broken into 11 installments.  Payments begin July 10  and end May 10.  Parents choosing the installment option are required to complete and submit the Bank Draft Authorization (ACH) Form to the school and enroll in the TRP program.  (Each failed ACH will incur a $25.00 processing fee.)  



The Tuition Refund Plan (TRP) is a required tuition insurance plan for families that pay in installments. Families who pay full tuition in advance may request TRP. Once an enrollment contract has been verified, your financial obligation to the school is for the full annual tuition. If your child withdraws when the school year begins, the TRP will provide substantial assistance in meeting your financial obligation to the yearly tuition. Your child must be in attendance for fourteen consecutive days before the TRP can take full effect. The premium percentage is 2.5% of the total annual tuition. It is a one-time yearly payment due to the Reservation Fee. A brochure describing the plan is provided with the Enrollment Contract. 

If you have any additional questions, please email us at

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If you have any questions please contact:

ILIM IN Charlotte 

Located in Charlotte, NC
601 N Polk St Suite L
Pineville, NC 28134

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