ILIM  Community Partners is a non-profit 501c3 Parent, Teacher, and Community Partnership, that serves to support the students, teachers, and overall growth at ILIM Schools. ILIM School is an International Multi-language immersion Reggio Montessori School. ILIM School provides students (aged 18 months through 12 years) with a specialized form of education that includes the Reggio-Montessori and Multi-Language Immersion methods. The opportunity for children at ILIM Schools to learn in 4 of the topmost widely spoken languages in the world, while also being in an environment that pushes for academic excellence and allows for a natural learning process through (Montessori and Reggio) teaching methods, is something we believe every child should have access to. Our efforts in providing innovative, enriching educational opportunities and bridging the opportunity gap of the educational disparity across the various socioeconomic class lines are among the top priorities of ILIM Community Partners.

ILIM Community Partners is focused on 3 main aspects.


1) Providing Tuition Affordability by providing substantial financial aid and scholarships .

2) Providing students and teachers enrichment materials and activities.

3) Supporting the improvements and expansion efforts of ILIM School.


Below we have listed how funding is allocated and divided amongst our priorities.


Financial Commitment Breakdown


50% Financial Aid/ Scholarships

25% - Student/ Teacher Enrichment activities and Materials

25% -ILIM School Improvements and Expansion efforts


ILIM Community Partners supports ILIM schools’ vision on creating innovative multilingual leaders and thinkers by planting seeds and exposing children and students to a multi-faceted curriculum and language immersion opportunities. We serve to support the efforts and goals listed below:

Language Immersion (Acquisition & Fluency)

Students are completely immersed in 4 languages (Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, and English.) Children leaving our program will know how to read, write, speak, and understand these languages.

Cultural studies 
( International Arts & Music

Our children come out of our program with in-depth knowledge and experience with music, art, and culture due to our native-speaking teachers, classroom environment, and cultural enrichment opportunities. The exploration of international influence on music and art is highly encouraged, and our students gain an appreciation for all forms of the arts and cultures.

World Economics and Commerce      ( Finance & the flow of money)

Our Students are thoroughly introduced to the concepts of finance, commerce, and economics through the understanding of the flow of money. We introduce practical concepts such as saving, investing, debt, commerce, opportunity cost, and global currency interactions.

Innovation and Technology
 ( Engineering, Coding & Robotics)

ILIM Students leave our program understanding the utility of technology, responsibility, and engineering. We expose them to the different facets of technology, along with its role in multiple industries. Our innovation lab challenges their innate entrepreneurial minds to think beyond the status quo and create and solve problems.

We Invite You to Partner With US




This funding is for the art supplies and purchase of musical instruments for our students. This will also fund extracurricular arts programs for this year.



Donations here are applied to the ILIM school new building for technology and innovation. It will also help supply technology and engineering materials for all students, such as ( VR Goggles, Chrome Books), tools, and entrepreneur project supplies.



The average student tuition is $16K; funds here goes directly towards specific student's tuition cost and financial aid. We plan to sponsor a minimum of 20 students in need of financial aid to reduce the educational disparity amongst the various socio-economic classes.



This supports extracurricular field trips for students (domestic and international). This will also fund a google headquarters trip in California and New York trip.